I.T. Center Services

IT Centre caters to the computing needs of the faculty, staff and students for their research and teaching. The IT Centre is solely responsible for keeping the Electronic Communication & Computation related facilities available to each and every member of Devi Ahilya University. IT Centre supports an institute wide 1Gbps fiber optic network that connects all the academic departments, hostels, library and other central facilities to the IT Centre. Internet access is provided through a 1GBPS dedicated Internet and 100 Mbps backup link. The services provided by the IT Centre includes.

    • Mail Server
    • Web server
    • DNS server
    • Bandwidth Monitoring Server
    • LDAP Server
    • Campus Wide DHCP Server
    • Student- ID Server
    • Result Server
    • EDU Research Server
    • Library Server
    • Enterprise Antivirus Server (Trend Micro)
    • Caching DNS server
  • Management & upkeep of the University Website & Intranet Web Page.
  • Management of the Centralized Computer Lab accessible to all the students of the institute as well as to other local researchers/students.
  • Maintaining the huge campus network, consisting about 5000 nodes.
  • Providing technical assistance to the Academic Institutes.
  • ITC provides electronic mail, world wide web, DNS, FTP and other services.
  • ITC also provides computing facility for visually challenged students.