About us


IT Centre was established in the year 2000 to create a Campus Wide Network by interconnecting various campuses and departments.

First phase which was completed in April 2001, networked 18 departments having 524 nodes. Second phase was completed in Oct 2002, which connected ten more departments and installed 331 additional nodes. During third phase we have connected IET and Nalanda Campus to our central server located at IT Centre, Khandwa Road Campus. IET has been connected by laying 2.1 kilometer fibre optic cable where as Nalanda Campus which is six kilometer away from Khandwa Road Campus has been connected using 10 Mbps leased line.

During third phase expansion additional 150 nodes have been added to Nalanda Campus, RNT Marg Network and 128 nodes to IET network.

After completion of third phase i.e. from Feb, 2004 all the departments of the University are now on Campus LAN having access to the Internet.

Under UGC-INFONET scheme, from Jan 2004, UGC has provided our University free subscription to the various e-Journals along with 2 mbps bandwidth through ERNET.


  • To improve quality of research, teaching and learning by providing the Internet access to faculty, research scholars and students.
  • To share University documents and resources.
  • To improve reliability, quality and efficiency of University operations.

Future Plan

Document Management & work flow management.

  • Structured cabling for LAN connection in Hostels.
  • Diploma course on ICT for visually challenged persons.
  • Video Conferencing among the campuses.
  • To use the infrastructure for distance education
  • Up gradation of existing links to 1gbps and providing redundant connectivity to departments and hostels..
  • Upgradation of IT Centre LABs.
  • Proposed to purchase hyper converged information and storage solution for data center, SAN storages solution.
  • To extend facility to hostels & faculty residence.
  • To develop virtual classroom fitted with videos, conferencing and broadcasting capabilities.


Internet access is provided to all departments using fibre optic backbone & 1 GBPS leased line. The centre is equipped with an array of high-end servers using 7 hours battery backup. Internet access is available to departments round the clock (24 x 7). There are more than 125 computers (thin client) in the IT Centre Lab providing Internet access to students from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.